Conversations: FUTURE

August 24, 6-7:30 PM

Bellevue Arts Museum

It all comes down to this...the last phase of our Future Machine exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Like the creative process, the future embodies uncertainty. How do art and design navigate this enigma? Society will continue to exist, technology will continue to evolve and it is our belief that we have the power as individuals to influence them for the better. Join us Thursday evening as we celebrate what has transpired the past 7 months at the Bellevue Arts Museum through unconventional collaboration and non-linear thinking.

Ryan Moss

- Ryan is a futurist, tech optimist, and growth hacker currently leading brand strategy and storytelling for Microsoft Cortana, having spent the previous two years working in Search and AI marketing at Microsoft in part developing strategy for chatbot marketing and consumer and enterprise AI. Ryan constantly finds himself at the intersection of technology and human behavior, collaborating on several award-winning campaigns in experiential and social marketing for both B2B and B2C brands. When he isn’t trying to keep pace with the future, Ryan can be found on the trail, in the water, running an infrequent pop-up 10-course supper club, or debating cognitive bias with his wife Taylor, a licensed therapist. You can reach Ryan at rymoss@microsoft.com or @unomoss

C Andrew Rohrmann

- aka scntfc used to make music just for fun. Then at some point in time someone was crazy enough to pay him to make music for a Volkswagen ad. It sold lots of cars, so more people who sell stuff asked Andy to help them sell more stuff. Then someone asked him to score a zombie flick. And then to remix Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash for a video game. (Apparently, Bob enjoyed the remix). Ever since he's been able to contribute to film, television, game, and installation projects that are for the most part much cooler than making music for ads. A few notable projects include: Oxenfree for Night School Studios, ZMD for Lionsgate Films, and Wildlife Detectives for PBS/KCTS.

Genevieve Tremblay

- Genevieve is a creative technologist, teaching artist and public scholar who catalyzes progressive initiatives at the intersections of art/design, science, technology and the environment. She collaborates with innovators across disciplines to spark new learning and knowledge sharing. Building bridges between these realms is her specialty. Genevieve is an Assistant Professor of Design at Cornish College of the Arts. There she recently launched a new interdisciplinary curriculum called the Creative Corridor, a comprehensive offering of college electives that address diverse collaboration, research-led teaching and publicly-engaged practice in the arts. Genevieve received her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1990 and received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984.

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