In our studio we are always talking about the development of technology and what that means for us as a society. Our questions circle around the depths of technology, as well as the role of technology in respect to the human condition and the intentions behind its use. This sculpture, Ursa Major, explores the merging of technology and nature, as well as the parallels within the systems of both realms. The bear represents the large volume of natural systems that currently exist in the world and the space shuttle represents the technological systems that are growing and expanding every day.

“The Great Bear” is one of the most ancient and recognizable constellations in the sky. Because of its prominence, many cultures have based their own mythologies around it. The shuttle is a metaphor for exploration within technology, chosen for its resonance in pop culture, its identifiability in space travel, and its general perception as an icon of technology.

Each component of Future Machine represents a unique collaborative effort between creators of dispirate origins to expolore the implications of existance and creation in the present and future.